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Dr. Ashish Sharma












Currently, The Public Arts Commissioner for the city of Redondo Beach, Board member and Communications Director for the Redondo Beach Art Group, member of Friends of Redondo Beach Arts and an active docent for Hands on Art. Projects selected to be taught to childrens' in the Southbay area, promoting Arts and Culture in the community. 

She was recently honored with a doctorate (PhD with Gold Medal).

She is in the "World Book of Records" and the "Universal Forum's World Record"

Qualified in Finance, worked as a banker, business financial consultant, Ashish continues her devotion un struck, non stop. She sketches the deity daily from 1991 till date and has to her credit more than 12000+ sketches of the formless, energizing the forms of alphabets. More than thirty years of dedication to her passion, to her inner divinity with a message of love and integration Ashish visualizes Ganesha in Alphabets.

In her dreams Ganesha appeared before her eyes and blessed her. She saw alphabets of many languages taking the form of Ganesha - the formless in a form. Having received the divine blessings she began her journey to encompass the Lord in all the alphabet of all the languages of the world written and spoken to integrate the energies. She has the intension of integrating the world in her unique way. She prays to the lord through her sketches to bless our world with Love, Wisdom, peace prosperity, and success. In these trying times of stress and disintegration with the objective to integrate she offers her worship everyday.

Every day is a new day, a new beginning and possesses a new set of schedule which means that each day brings its own problems and obstacles that we have to handle. Ganesha as ‘Vighnaharta’ makes the day go by with ease and comes in a new form to adore my page for that day. Sketching and thinking about Ganesha now is very much part of her daily routine. For Ashish, her sketches are her life breath. 

Her journey has been difficult but has been blessed and much more eventful than she had ever imagined. She have been able to find the reason for my existence, the purpose of this beautiful life. She have also been able to inspire other people and help them find their purpose. For more than three decades her devotion to the divinity is evident in the sketches, in their strokes, in the forms that the alphabet took.


Rainbow of Achievements’

·         Drawing ‘A Ganesha a day’ since 1st Jan 1991.

·         Have drawn 12174 Ganesha’s as of 30th April 2024 and counting.

·         Drawing ‘Ganesha in Alphabets’.

·         Have completed 71 languages/scripts of the world.

·         Recorded in ‘Limca Book of Records’ – 1994, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 edition.

.         Recorded in 'World Book of Records' - 2019 edition

·         Recorded in 'Universal Records Forum as a World Record' - 2020 edition. 

·         Exhibitions in various cities of India and USA

·         Specializes in drawing Ganesha in names.


Languages/ Scripts include English, Hindi, Malyalam, Telegu, Oriya, Kannada, Tamil, Gujrathi, Bengali, Gurmukhi, Assamese, Urdu, Sindhi, Sinhalese, Burmese, Tibetan, Russian, Chinese, German, Greek, Gaelic, Mongolian, Javanese, Hebrew, Manchu, Runes, Aramaic, Phoenician, Kharosthi script, Brahmi script, Copticae, Demotischen, Hieroglyphics, Mahl, Georgian, Assyrian (Common and Estrangela script), Tagalog, Somali, Pahawh Hmong, Mesa Alphabet, Iberian (Northern and Southern script), Albanian (Shqip & Beitha Kukju Script), Etruscan, Bassa, Cham, Tifinagh (Berber script), Ge' ez Script, Bagatha Script, Kolam Script, Korean, Bhutanese, Armenian, Thai, Manipuri Alphabet and Limbu/Kirati Alphabet, Lepcha (Rong) Script, Raga (Hano) alphabet/ Avoiuli script, Sabaean Alphabet (or Sabaic Alphabet), Carolina Script, Santali Script, Mandaic Alphabet, Bamum Syllabary, Cherokee, Lao Alphabet, Korean (Hanguel Alphabet), Japanese - Katakana and Kanji Alphabet; Hiragana and Kanji Alphabet; Badlit; Lontara; Dahong Dai Script for Tai Nuea Language, Cypriot Syllabary

Currently working on 72nd Script – Vai Syllabary

G - God who to me is

A - alphabet-faced

N - navigating the eternal

S - sound to give us

H - happiness and

A - ashish (Blessings)…

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With Karunakaran
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