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‘AUM’ is the first sound (NADA) resounded through the universe. It originates in the Nada Brahman or the cosmic mind. ‘AUM’ signifies the omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient nature and attributes of the Supreme Being. Ganesha is the embodiment of ‘PRANAVA AUM’, the lord of Pranava mantra. AUM is, therefore, associated to the form of Ganesha.

‘Aksharas’ or alphabets are the sthula (gross) form of the subtle sound. ‘Aksharas’ are evolved to give form or ‘Akruti’ to the sounds which are then developed as words. Thus ‘Aksharas’ are ‘Akruties’ of thoughts’, a carrier of emotions and feelings. Hence in all alphabets the eternal sound of ‘AUM’ is re-sounding. This explains the presence of ‘GANESHA’ (AUM) in all alphabets irrespective of the language, the region and the way it is spoken.

The cosmic ‘AUM’ vibrating and forming ‘Aksharas’ of various languages lead Ashish to ‘My Ganesha’ – the journey to discover, understand, relate, inter-relate, retrospect,  interpret and interact with Ganesha; on the planes of this material world and the realms beyond.

This book entails the journey of her life highlighting the times and years Ganesha became prominent in her life. The book has a modern view of Ganesha, a unique interpretation of various mythological stories of Ganesha and a hypothesis of Ganesha Mind.

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